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The Plant-Powered Revolution in Collagen Boosting

Silicium Laboratories’ portfolio is the result of extensive research conducted over 30 years to bring you incredibly powerful, science-backed Silicon (Si) branded ingredients. 

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The Plant-Powered Revolution in Collagen Boosting 

In the pursuit of radiant skin and overall well-being, collagen-boosting supplementation has taken the beauty and wellness world by storm. However, not all supplements are created equal, and that’s where the plant-powered revolution comes into play. Let’s delve into the game-changer – LIVING SILICA Plant- Based Collagen-Booster (Liquid), previously known as Siliplant. 

LIVING SILICA Plant- Based Collagen Booster 

LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen-Booster adopts a unique approach, relying solely on certified premier grade silica and organic plant extracts. Conceived in 2003, this plant-based collagen-booster stands as a guiding light for those embracing vegan and plant-based alternatives to collagen. 

Formulated with silica as its hero ingredient, LIVING SILICA Plant-Based collagen booster employs  reverse osmosis water, our LIVING SILICA® formula, rosemary leaves, and horsetail extract. In this case, the silica is obtained from the horsetail, which is a plant-based raw silica source of silicic acid. This formula is not only free from GMOs and allergens, but it also proudly bears the vegan label, making it the ideal choice for those committed to plant-centric living. 

Benefits for Vegan and Vegetarian Lifestyles 

For individuals adhering to vegan or vegetarian diets, finding supplements that align with their ethical choices can prove challenging. LIVING SILICA’s Plant- Based Collagen Booster offers a conscientious solution, delivering the benefits of collagen support without compromising plant-based principles. 

Holistic Health for Plant Enthusiasts 

Beyond being vegan-friendly, the plant-based collagen-booster underscores the holistic advantages of plant-based living. It not only supports collagen production but also complements the nutritional needs of those who prioritize this lifestyle. 

Addressing Thiaminase Concerns 

For the discerning consumer, this collagen booster guarantees the absence of thiaminase, addressing concerns associated with certain plant-based supplements. The meticulous manufacturing process eliminates this enzyme, preserving the product’s purity. 

Trust the power of nature, trust the power of Silica 

LIVING SILICA’s Plant-Based Collagen Booster is designed to boost your body with optimal levels of silica and elevate your natural collagen production for a healthier body from the inside out. 

Visit our website to discover more about our mineral- based and plant- based formulas! https://livingsilica.com/ 

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