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Silicium Laboratories Portfolio: The World’s Most Trusted Silica

Who We Are: 

Silicium Laboratories® is the world’s leading manufacturer of dietary silicon (Si) ingredients.   

Drawing on over two decades of experience, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of nutritional science. Our focus on pioneering research and development sets us apart, ensuring that each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. 

Our founder’s vision guides us as we combine innovative science with sophisticated patented technology to produce dietary silicon that the human body easily absorbs. This commitment extends to our mission of making silica accessible to people worldwide. 

Our Mission: 

Our business is not just about products; it’s about a dedication to advancing the understanding and utilization of silicon in biological systems. Silicon, one of the twelve main elements in living organisms, plays a pivotal role in renewing collagen, shaping skin firmness, and maintaining the integrity of various bodily structures. 

Silica is an essential dietary supplement for active people, athletes, individuals suffering from tiredness, and the elderly. It promotes healthy joints, bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons, primarily composed of collagen, which is the main protein found in connective tissue. As it promotes collagen production, it aids in hair vitality, skin hydration, and strong nails. 

Silicium Laboratories Innovative Ingredient Portfolio:

Our silica, GRAS – self-affirmed, patented ingredients are a testament to our technological mastery.

LIVING SILICA Liquid: Monomethylsilanetriol (MMST): Our flagship silica, boasting four times more bioavailability than any supplemental source. 64% of MMST [Si(OH)₃CH₃] converts into Ortho-Silicic Acid [Si(OH)₄], which our bodies readily absorb. 

LIVING SILICA Orthosilicic Acid (OSA): Orthosilicic acid molecules microencapsulated in maltodextrin, containing 1.55% elementary silicon. Stabilized by a proprietary method inhibiting the polymerization of orthosilicic acid, maintaining molecule stability and increasing bioavailability in the body. Food-grade silicon for developing functional foods and nutritional formulas. The silicon molecule is stabilized by a proprietary method, utilizing monomeric chains of silicon before entering the polymerization stage. It remains stable in its powdered form for an extended period and does not polymerize, resulting in highly bioavailable Orthosilicic Acid (HiSiO₄) for nutritional or dietary use. 

LIVING SILICA Powder Acacia Gum stabilized Monomethylsilanetriol: A patented formula of microencapsulated organic silicon in solid form. Microcapsules of MMST are manufactured with acacia gum, a natural fiber undergoing no chemical modifications. MMST metabolizes into orthosilicic acid, the silicon readily absorbed by our bodies. 

LIVING SILICA Gel: Monomethylsilanetriol, hydroxyethylcellulose, Citrus Grandis, Aqua. A pure organic silica gel for external application (joints, skin), with a great capacity to quickly penetrate the skin to address the root of the problem. 

Recognized by its trademark LIVING SILICA®, our ingredients are featured on the labels of leading brands in the United States, Europe, and countries worldwide as a testament to their unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of silicon-based ingredients and how we can help you boost your products, fill out the form on our website: https://siliciumlaboratories.com/ingredients

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