The Plant-Powered Revolution in Collagen Boosting

Silicium Laboratories’ portfolio is the result of extensive research conducted over 30 years to bring you incredibly powerful, science-backed Silicon (Si) branded ingredients.  We are strongly committed to scientific dissemination, making the benefits of our branded ingredients known through our studies and publications, and supporting our customers in the development of their highly beneficial products.  […]

LIVING SILICA: A Breakthrough Formula Derived from Nature

Are you familiar with the innovative world of mineral-based collagen booster supplements?  Silicium Laboratories proudly presents LIVING SILICA®, a silicon-extracted formula that stands out in the field of health and wellness. Our product showcases the profound impact of silica, an often-underestimated natural ingredient also known as silicon, making it a notable advancement in supplementation.  Boost […]

Silicium Laboratories Portfolio: The World’s Most Trusted Silica

Who We Are: Silicium Laboratories® is the world’s leading manufacturer of dietary silicon (Si) ingredients. Drawing on over two decades of experience, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of nutritional science. Our focus on pioneering research and development sets us apart, ensuring that each product is meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of […]

Bulk Ingredients for Laboratories

Bulk Ingredients for Laboratories Silicium Laboratories develops Silica formulas of high added value for the dietary supplement industry. We are highly specialized in the development and the synthesis of Silica molecules of high absorption. Silicium offers your company our Silica formulas and products to use as a bulk ingredient or under your own private label. […]